Painted Stuff

I've painted loads of figures over the years for a variety of games, from a variety of manufacturers, so I'll probably break things down either by game or scale depending if each section merits it's own entry.

Isengard Army - Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (Games Workshop)

I would definitely consider myself more a fan of fantasy and mythology than sci-fi or historical stuff, and I expect the majority of stuff that I paint will be fantastical (not to be confused with fantastic) in nature.

Beastmen - Based for Mighty Armies (Rebel Minis).  Figures from Ral Partha Europe.

Scale wise, I am constantly torn between 30mm and 15mm for my favourite scale.  30mm is more prevalent I guess, but there are some lovely 15's out there (Copplestone, Demonworld) that keep pulling me in.  There is a fallacy that 15's paint up quicker, but, I don't get it.  It takes me probably about the same amount of time for 1 figure in either scale.  6mm is interesting, as they are very quick to paint.

Werewolf Army (Undead) - Kings of War (Mantic Games).  Figures from Rackham and Otherworld Miniatures.