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Osprey Wargames Series

So, being a huge Copplestone fan, I was all over Frostgrave like a tramp on chips.  Still haven't played a game...

But I also started collecting the Osprey Wargames Series rules, as I figured they would be a little less intensive and easier to pick up.  It turns out that they are pretty popular at the falkirk club, at least, the more skirmish based ones are, so finding someone to game with shouldn't be a problem, and, I've already played a couple of games of Of Gods & Mortals with James.

I think the ones I am most interested in are the fantasy type ones, Ogam, Broken Legions and Ronin.  I've included Ronin in that because of the supernatural stuff, and it gives me a reason to paint up some of my Bushido figures, which might also work for Daisho.

Ideally, I'd eventually like to have a painted force for every book, either 15 or 28mm, even the boring historical stuff..   And I guess it is a way to push myself to paint things outside my normal comfort zone.  Even if Napoleonic Battalions kill me...  That might be a 6mm project.
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