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For a Game I hadn't really played outside of tournaments (Totally unlike me) I have somehow managed to collect 4 teams for Guildball now.

Butchers - My Original Team, snagged the Kickstarter exclusive box at Carronade a couple of years back, and have added all the new releases to them.  Currently able to field a fully painted team with a couple of players to spare.

Union - Picked up the Team Deal during the Steamforged Black Friday Sale, and Added a Mascot for legality.  Currently shiny metal.

Masons - Swapped an Alternative Necromantic Team for Bloodbowl for these with Jimboba, as he felt he had too much Guilball.  Basic 6 player team.  Currently built and primed white.  will have to check for mouldlines as it wasn't me that built them.

Hunters - Incoming from a friend who is clearing out some of the games he rarely plays.  no idea on state or amount of models.
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