Sales & Trades

So, sometimes there are certain models I am looking for (over and above just buying all the cool models I like) so it might be an idea to clear out all of, or at least some of, the stuff I am unlikely to get around to anytime soon.

Currently I am on a bit of a Circle kick for Hordes, so am looking for the following to complete the Faction.
72069 -  Morvahna the Dawnshadow

72074 -
Argus Moonhound

72007 - Woldwarden

2 x 72005 - Woldwatcher

72082 -  Wolves of Orboros  - Plastic Repack

Ideally looking for NIB stuff, as I am kinda pernickity about clean-up and assembly.

As far as trades go, I have a huge amount of Warhammer and 40k stuff, along with Mantic and 15mm models.

Send me an email with "Website Trades" as a title if you are interested in getting something sorted out.