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Chronicles of the Wayfarer Painting Competition

posted 20 Apr 2017, 20:50 by John Martin   [ updated 20 Apr 2017, 21:36 ]

So, as you may know, I am a big fan of 15mm Fantasy figures, in part due to some amazing sculpts from the likes of Copplestone, Demonworld and Splintered Light Miniatures, I try to keep abreast of what is happening in regards to fantasy models at that scale, it is also why I created the 15mm Fantasy Gaming group on facebook (Link) to promote it more too, as there were only historical and Sci Fi variants when I checked.

A while back, some new miniatures surfaced for a starting company called Chronicles of the Wayfarer (Facebook Page ) and the sculpt looked absolutely amazing.  As more images were released, the company set out to organise a painting competition, of which I was one of the entrants.  The rules were simple - paint the models, supply photographs and a review, and send the images off.  There will be an online contest to determine the winner, and everyone who took part has first refusal at future contests.

So, onto the figures.  There were 4 resin miniatures supplied - A female with sword, a heavily armoured crossbowman, and two heavily armoured warriors, one with spear and a large shield, and the other with the choice of sword or hammer and a smaller shield.  Also included were 4 circular resin bases with a stylised Lava pattern (20mm diameter)

The emailed instructions stated that the miniatures were cast in a high grade resin and that they were free from any mould releasing agents, so did not require any special preparation, however, I found this out after having washed them. 

Initial Impressions - Woah, these are tiny, and super detailed.  Like, ridiculously detailed, what have I gotten myself into here?  They are gorgeous though, and it is a cool opportunity.  Might also motivate me to get off my ass and do some painting.  Plus, resin bases, always a fan of that.

So,  after basic prep of washing in warm soapy water, glueing to a lolly stick and hand priming (white) I had to figure out a colour scheme.  Obvious choice was blue as it is my default go-to colour, but I wanted to avoid orange, as I can't paint everything in Irn Bru colours (or can I?...) so I settled on yellow, with standard silver/brass detailing.  I also decided to do the bases as fetid swamps rather than Lava, because, well, laziness really, and it saved me having to do any OSL...  plus I like doing my own thing, and it would fit better with my gaming mat.

Overall, I'm not sure about the blue lacquered armour, it certainly makes a change from the standard metals, probably needs some work, these figures are a lot finer than the models I generally work on, and are probably more realistically proportioned and scaled and less suitable for my standard cartoony paint style.  Some of the detail is extremely fine, and is easy to lose with thick paint, it is also extremely easy to lose with even a small paintbrush.

On to the individual figures

Figure 1

This guy comes in two parts, the main body and the choice of either a hammer or sword wielding arm.  I really like the clockwork/gear effect on the shield rim and the heavy armour.  Probably one of my favourite figures in the set.

Figure 2

Single piece model in heavy armour wielding a crossbow.  The armour is similar to the other male figures, but has a studded covering. 

Figure 3

The sole female miniature in the set, comes in 2 pieces, the main body and a separate back banner, depicting the stylized gear icon.  She appears quite well armoured, indeed there are a few areas that could be painted as either exposed flesh or clothing on the model, and she is armed with a large sword.  Her bare head sports an impressive mohawk.  Probably my least favourite figure in the set due to the exposed flesh and head, but that is generally because my immediate advice for anyone asking about painting faces is "start with a model wearing a helmet."

Figure 4

Another heavily armoured male figure, armed with a tower shield and spear, and holding a plumed helmet.  I like this figure a lot, probably as it is one of the chunkier sculpts, it has a very commanding pose, surveying a field of battle, rather than being depicted in full fight mode.  He has some rather difficult to reach areas, due to being a one piece pose, however his shield is pretty big and could be a good place for either transfers or (for the insane) freehand designs.  There is some sculpted detail in the centre but it could be easily removed.

Group shot - Front

Group shot - Back

Base Details

Scale shot with UK 5p piece

Scale Comparison 1 - (l-r) CotW, Demonworld Elf, CotW, Khurasan Werewolf, CotW

Comparison Shot 2 (l-r) Khurasan Werewolf, CotW, Copplestone Northlander, CotW, Plastic Soldier Company German.

Comparison Shot 3 (l-r) CotW, Demonworld, CotW, Blue Moon Vampire, CotW, Splintered Light Satyr (18mm), CotW, Splintered Light Skeleton.

So, overall thoughts?

The resin is an absolute joy to work with, these are the first 15mm scale figures I have painted in the medium, although I already owned some from Scibor.  They are easily cleaned up and go together very well on the two multi-part figures.  The figure with the spear is chunky enough to pin underneath, however the others are far too slight to attempt such a manouever and have to rely on being superglued to the bases.  There is a sense that these would be very easy to accidentally damage, especially taking the rigours of gaming into account, however from reading the CotW page, I understand that they are designed to sit 3 to a 40mm round base, however it may still be an issue for anybody with plans to base them individually for skirmish use.  Larger contact areas would be a nice touch to provide a little more leeway for pinning.

The poses are very good, a nice mix of action and at ease, and some variety could be achieved with the figure with the optional hand weapon.

Scale wise, these are true 15mm scale, closer to the PSC model above than most of the Fantasy stuff I have to hand.  Personally, I would prefer slightly chunkier sculpts, possibly some more exaggerated features to allow for less fastidious painting.  Some of the tiny detail could also be toned down, as it is far to easy to obscure it, even with extremely thin paint.

Overall, I am happy with the models, as stated, not sure they really fit my usual style, but I find with 15mm you have to aim for high contrast at a distance.  I would definitely consider picking some up when they are released, either as character models, or for a small skirmish warband.  I am also keen to have a go at some of the larger figures in the range.  I think, that they are easy to recommend picking at least some up, purely for the joy (or novelty) of working with such great (if fragile) material as it makes a real change from the predominantly metal models you get elsewhere.

So yeah, that's about it.  Chronicles of the Wayfarer, tiny and highly detailed sculpts in lovely resin.  Go check out their facebook page, follow them, and vote for your favourites in the painting competition.

#workbenchwednesday 15/03/17 and 22/03/17

posted 22 Mar 2017, 10:05 by John Martin   [ updated 22 Mar 2017, 10:05 ]

So, been a bit quiet recently as not long after dropping my last update I had an email from Matt Wilson of Privateer Press that explained that the Press Gang program was being shut down as of April 30th, which has kind of hit my hobby mojo a bit.

Now, the Press Gang has been quite a big part of my life over the majority of the last year, May 13th would have been the date of my first year in the gang, and, like most things, has pretty much become routine for me to run a 4 weekly SteamRoller event.  April Fuel Daze is still going ahead, and is looking to shape up into a pretty epic event if I do say so myself.

Part of the reason I joined the Gang was to force myself to be more sociable and force me to get out of the house and interact with people, and that meant shuffling my work schedule from time to time, which is not something I can be sure of now with the lack of "official" status, as well as potential contractual changes being rolled out.  It's weird, as being in Scotland, with only 2 active PG's, we are kind of far removed from a lot of things, but there is still a very real sense of loss and being cast adrift.  Not sure how things will pan out over the coming months, and whether or not it will have an impact on any of my hobby resolutions, doesn't look like I *need* those Skorne and Trollblood Battleboxes painted up now.

So, had been working on Circle stuff and desk looked like this -

Cleared it up a bit and was getting back on track with some Saga stuff for the club campaign.  After having primed and inked all the Frostgrave/AFOKF figures I went over all of them and the remaining Saga stuff and got all the drybrushing and stuff done, then tidied up the rims.

So that is a very quick and badly lit shot of the Demon box for AFOKF, as well as a ghost and mummy for Frostgrave from Northstar, along with Not Mad Max and a Reaper Familiar.

Followed with another crappy shot of the Apothecary, Cultist Marksman, Templar and Knight, a Medium/Large Construct, treasure chest, not an Assasain from On the 7 Seas, and another Reaper Familiar (Werewolf clutching a pumpkin)

Only painting I have done recently beyond rims is getting started on the horses for my 2pts of Mounted Hearthguard for Saga.

Just finished up work this morning for a week or so's holiday, so the plan is to get a fair bit of painting and gaming done, as well as the final prep for AFD.

#workbenchwednesday 08/03/17

posted 8 Mar 2017, 12:12 by John Martin   [ updated 8 Mar 2017, 12:15 ]

Not much to report really, ran an event Saturday and been working since, so painting has not happened much.

Still working on the Woldstalker unit and 2nd Leader, as well as Baldur1 and I pulled down the Copplestone not Mad Max Road Warrior.

In other news my 2 day event APRIL FUEL DAZE has now sold out (I did half the capacity though  :p )  so I have been doing the whole cat herding thing chasing up folk for lists and getting the prize support sorted out.

Last OT shift of the week tonight, so hopefully can get some brush to lead over the next few days.

#workbench wednesday 01/03/17

posted 1 Mar 2017, 16:09 by John Martin   [ updated 1 Mar 2017, 16:09 ]

Not really much to update after yesterday's offering, just a quick snap of the workbench with the aforementioned Wold Stalkers and Baldur 1.

Not got much done today beyond the first wash, as kids are over.  Have a few days off work but planning on getting some games in and running an event Saturday before I go back to work, so, productivity might slow down a bit.

Month in Review - February 2017

posted 28 Feb 2017, 08:33 by John Martin   [ updated 28 Feb 2017, 08:33 ]

Strangely, it doesn't seem all that long ago since I was doing this, yet it also seems an age away, as it has been a relatively busy month.

Working on the Construct Warbeasts for Circle has really let me get a lot done, as it is mainly washes and drybrushing, with a load of basing effects, and I rattled out more than enough to run a full list.  According to War Room 2, it is 108/75, so...  rather a lot more.  I managed to plough through

Baldur2, Megalith, 2 x Wold Wrath, 3 x Blackclad Stoneshaper, 2 x Wold Wyrd. Wold Guardian.

I also managed to get the 5 shrimps from the 1st Woldstalker unit completed, but held off on painting the leader (curse you living model) as it will be more time and paint efficient to do him along with the leader of the 2nd unit.  Might even do both the Shifting Stone Leaders too.  That would have been another 10pts complete, but it stands me in good stead for next month.

With SmogCon been and gone, I've ticked off all my games against new opponents, and my 2 shows or Conventions, add to that, not one, but two of my Gargossal Backlog now fully painted, and that is 3/16 Hobby Resolutions cleared.  I need to finish at least one more next month to stay on track for the year, and I reckon I should maybe get those Beastmen finished for Warmaster to clear that space (especially as a few guys at the club were playing the Czech released Warmaster Revolution updated rules), or more of my Normans for the club Saga campaign, as I still have to put those Crossbowmen from York together.

Thing is, I'm really enjoying painting Circle right now, and it is going in quick, as I've already had to rearrange the display cabinets to fit in what I have done.  This might also be future-proofing, as I put the Storm Raptor together over the weekend (a 3rd Gargantuan?  Indeed)  There are a few changes I would make to my Baldur2 list as it currently stands, which means painting up a couple more models before Welsh Masters in May, and I have an idea for a 2nd build that pulls an idea from MacBeth of all places....  plus I probably should get a few more Warlocks and other living models done.  Gah, hitting the painting of actual proper units...  Might be time to switch Faction,

Looking further ahead in the year, ticket sales have picked up slightly for my Warmahordes 2 day event in April, and, while I doubt it will hit 48 players, I am hoping for 24, which makes splitting the groups up for both days easier, and I have holiday time booked for that, Welsh, NorthCon in June, UK Masters in September, and I am going to try and get a sneaky trip to Dublin in for the Irish Gauntlet in August.

Not done any boardgaming this month, or played any other games other than Warmachine.  I'm lined up to do a guest spot on the Painting with Menoth John show ( I have a Sunday night free.

Next up on the paint station is the Leader for the Wold Stalker unit, plus a 2nd unit and Baldur1, and I still have to do a little clean up and gap filling on the Storm Raptor before it gets primed.  Should probably get started on some Frostgrave models too...

Finally, I figured I'd share the words I put up on Facebook post SmogCon, as it gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction to be part of such an amazing hobby and bunch of people.  It was pointed out to me that, even if one person in twenty is an asshole, that means the other 19 are pretty decent, so, it is good to just focus on positives sometimes.

"So, 600+ mile round trip to SmogCon, don't even want to total up the expense, had an absolute fucking blast hanging with the PPS guys (Hungerford, Matt and Dallas) who spent more time with us than required and were super cool to just chat shit with, and sit in the pub eating kebabs, kinda weird when the only people asked for their question in a QA session by name are you, your missus and Thomas Guan. Was great to get in some games with both the guys from my own meta (David, Nicholas and Skywolf) seeing as I'm always running events, and do crazy shit like Thunderdome (with Nick, Sims, Ross, Sarah and Tom) then again with Rory, Konrad, James, Stuart and a 3rd time with Warcaster V1-3, with Konrad, Stu, James, Sarah and Cole. To the guys that I got pick-up games with (Byron, Alan, Martyn, Delano, James, some dude called Will H or something... ;) and to Norbert for the sweet Tshirt and whiskey, Jason for the T, and Justin from Beasts of War for getting my army on film, on that note, to every single person who came up and asked about or complimented my stuff, from people passing by and stopping me mid game to ask to take pictures, to the old women in the lift saying it looked more fun than their convention, and the (possibly) Italian women asking for pictures in the hallway. That means a lot like. To all the sound guys from previous events that we don't get to hang out with enough because of distance, and my Scottish guys Allan, Sean, Dan, David and Adam, that mean there is always a familiar face close by at some point. To Martyn for seeking me out to try and get a little 4 nations event organized on the Sunday morning, and James for getting at me to get in on the pre- WTC 6 Nations planning. It's appreciated guys. Congratz to Jon and all my fellow PG's for running the show, you do great work guys. Roll on Lock 'n' Load Europe!

Sorry if I missed anyone, you know who you are, and let's be honest, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep means there is a lot of blur over the weekend :P

Really, it's just fucking awesome to be part of such a great community and crew, and that it is always surprising and a bit humbling when people remember me, or actually seek me out, because I see it as me just being some dude doing these little events in this little country, so final thanks to Sarah for scoring the tickets, and always being the one to push me to do more stuff and remind me that, in terms of the hobby, I'm sometimes someone to somebody."

#workbenchwednesday 15/02/17 and 22/02/17

posted 24 Feb 2017, 03:20 by John Martin   [ updated 24 Feb 2017, 03:22 ]

Ok, bit of a delayed double update now, because... reasons...

Nothing has really changed on the workbench because I went all in over a week and painted  a 2nd WoldWrath.  And Megalith.  And Baldur2.  And 3 Stone Shapers...   Yeah, over 100pts of models in about a week, including kids being over 4 nights and 3 nightshifts...

Probably a feat that will never be repeated because that is most of the stone stuff done.

So, having a 2nd list all painted, I was all set for SmogCon, and what an epic weekend that was.  So much stuff to process, but the highlights include - hanging out with Will Hungerford, Dallas Kemp and Matt Goetz from Privateer Press, playing loads of games against new opponents and my local guys that I never get to play because I am running events, playing stuff other than straight-up Steamroller, like 6 player drunken Thunderdome until 7am, then going for breakfast and a sleep, seeing the new Grymkin faction release video (and the models in the flesh) want all the things.  I had a huge amount of comments about my army, don't think I managed a single game without someone passing by stopping to ask if they could take pictures, and the guys from Beasts of War caught it on camera, and even asked me a few questions.  Also managed to take the PPS guys for a cheeky Nandos before they left.

That weekend crosses off two Hobby Resolutions though, so that is things continuing to move forwards.  And provided some sweet ConSwag.

Car crapped out on me on the way back though, so that was a costly bill on top of the weekend, and was straight back at work to boot.  Spent some time getting my Wold Stalkers assembled, as well as a couple of Wold Wyrds and a Wold Guardian.  All primed now, so hopefully won't take too long to get painted up.  Also had to rearrange the cabinets as one shelf for Circle wasn't cutting it with 2 huge bases added in.

I've been asked to do a painting guide for the Warmachine & Hordes for Beginners Blog, as well as a guide to painting Frostgrave models, so I have a lot to be getting on with.

#workbenchwednesday 08/02/17

posted 8 Feb 2017, 16:13 by John Martin   [ updated 8 Feb 2017, 16:16 ]

Phew, late in the day, but this is a big one.

First up, the weekly workbench shot -

Looks suspiciously tidy right?  Well, the Saga stuff got moved out the way, as, fresh on the success of finishing my Circle list, the arrival of the new Wold theme force made the Baldur 2 list I had planned a lot more competitive, so I thought I'd try and bust it out before SmogCon.  Hey, it's only 7 models in 2 weeks, right?

Enter disaster...

So, being a big kit, I figured the 1,9mm brass rod was the best thing to use as pins.  Sadly, my old clippers gave up the ghost after about ten years faithful service, and shattered when I was trimming one of the pins...

This was after my Drybrush figured it was time to call it a day...

Maybe I'm just heavy handed?

Then, After using an entire bottle of Strong Tone to wash the Wold Wrath, I found out that I had about 8 bottles of Soft tone and 6 bottles of Dark tone in my stash, but no Strong tone.

So, that was a day lost, fighting the cold, before heading out to get new heavy duty snips, and a restock of Strong Tone.

Long story short, I finished Wold Wrath.  Well, the first one anyway...  Only 6 models to do in a week.  Around work.  and the Kids.

Totally doable, right?

Bloody picture won't rotate...

In other news, made the trip to York on Sunday (between Nightshifts) to Vapnartak, along with the guys from Falkirk Wargamers.  Did the usual wandering, spent a fair bit of time around the Warmahordes event, and had a demo of Relic Knights, seeing as I've had the models sitting in a box for over a year...

A modest amount of spending was done (for me at any rate) and the haul included -

Rogue Stars and the Pikeman's Lament rules from Osprey, to fill out the collection, and let me get a gang sorted for the FDWC Campaign, plus some Barbarians, who will be added to the Frostgrave pile, but might get used for Broken Legion's Dacians.  Picked up the Norman Crossbowmen from Gripping Beast to scale with my Conquest Knights, and a couple of Arcworlde figures.  A dark lord who is obviously not modelling himself after the Witch-King or Sauron, and a Norse style Leader.  Final purchase was a set of Union dice for Guildball from the Flea Market (once it had settled down to the level that you didn't flow between the tables on other people's sweat...) for a fiver.

All in all a good day, although work was a killer afterwards, but the trip was worth it.

Not a bad week considered, one item ticked off the Resolution list, and another 50% complete.

#workbenchwednesday 01/02/17

posted 1 Feb 2017, 14:13 by John Martin   [ updated 1 Feb 2017, 14:13 ]

So, I did good keeping this updated last month, and hope to do so for the remainder of the year, if not beyond.

Having finished the Circle models, I've got a few Saga models up next.

The 2 units of mounted hearthguard have been drilled and glued to paperclips for priming off of their horses, and I've started with a colour primer of Platemail metal, followed by a Dark tone wash.  The skin has been blocked in with Tanned Flesh.  Once all the other details are blocked in, I'll give them an all over wash with Dark Tone, then highlight and layer up.

The Horses have been primed Leather Brown, basically because it's easier to paint the horse another colour and the basework is already done, and the texture has been washed with Strong tone.

The 2nd unit of Warriors was also primed Leather brown and hit with the Strong wash, and the skin was blocked in.  The plan is to drybrush Leather Brown over the bases, followed by Skeleton Bone, then re-do the rims Leather Brown.  That is how I do the majority of my bases these days.  It also gets the messy drybrushing out of the way before painting really begins.

Yesterday's review post got me thinking though, with 16 hobby resolutions, which is basically crossing off 4 every 3 months to keep on target.  Some, like keeping the Games room tidy or Ironmanning the PP forum painting challenge are obviously end of the year things, whilst others can be completed much sooner.  So, highlighters in hand, I set about provisionally planning how I would break them down over the year.

January - March - Finish the Microworld Beastmen, Paint a Gargossal, Play 6 new Opponents, Go to 2 Shows or Conventions.

York and SmogCon cover the latter two, and hopefully I can find the time to get a Gargantuan painted before then.  Then it's just a case of finishing off the beastmen and getting started on the next things.

April - June - Run a 2 day event, play 6 different boardgames, Place at Welsh Masters, Finish 6pts of Saga.

Well, the Saga stuff is halway done already, with more on the paint station so that's a big plus, Welsh masters and my event are in April and May, and the Boardgames breaks down to 1 a month.

July - September - Konflict '47, Warband Dark Elves, 20 Frostgrave figures, 2 Hordes Battle boxes.

OK, so, errrrr, basically this was all the choices that were left that after the first 8, and working out what 4 I couldn't tick off until the end of the year...

October - December - Tidy Games Room, Keep Butcher's Guild fully painted, Transfer Paints to Dropper Bottles, PP Forum Ironman status.

As above, mostly stuff I won't know I've done until the end of the year.

Month in Review - January 2017

posted 31 Jan 2017, 12:14 by John Martin   [ updated 31 Jan 2017, 12:14 ]

Well, first things first, go me for actually updating this thing on a regular basis.  Even if I don't hit any of my Hobby Resolutions, I feel that that is a great achievement.

So, how are things looking for my 16 Hobby Resolution challenges?

1 - Build and paint a 1500 point German Force for Konflict '47.  in 15mm.  (3/34 Infantry, 0/4 Weapon Teams, 0/4 Vehicles)

I've assembled and primed pretty much all of the standard infantry and weapon teams, still have the Shrekwulfen to clean up, and a 2nd NachtJaeger to source.  Not great, but at least I have stuff ready to work on.

2 - Continue painting Microworld Beastmen for 6mm Warmaster to hit 2000+ points.   (0/17 Stands)

Yeah, took one look at the Chariots that needed glued together and promptly put them back down.

3 - Paint one of the 6 WARMACHINE Colossals or HORDES Gargantuans I have in my Backlog.  (0/1)

Nope.  Still not assembled one.  That might change this week, as I want to try and bust out a few more Circle models before SmogCon.

4 - Maintain a relatively tidy and clear games room.

Yeah, this one is happening.  I've pretty much managed to keep the table clear, to the point that games can be played on it, and my desk is still relatively clutter free.  The floor needs a bit of work, loads of stuff that could get thrown into the loft or sold.

5 - Maintain Butcher's Guild being fully painted. (1/3)

Progress was made as I painted Truffles.  Still have the other 2 to pin and prime, but they are cleaned up.  Veteran Ox is out next month, so I'm ahead of the game for the moment.  Being handed a full Hunter's team didn't help...

6 - Organise and run a two day Warmahordes event, (0/1)

Still working on this.  Ticket sales are slooooooow though.

7 - Play 6 different Board Games. (1/6)  (Zombicide: Black Plague)

So played Duffy and Sarah at Zombicide: Black Plague last week.  Probably something to add to the collection at some point.  More my style than standard Zombicide because of the fantasy setting.

8 - Paint a Dark Elf army for Warband in 15mm. (0/66 Infantry, 0/1 Monster.  0/12 units)

Not even started assembly.

9 - Place in the top half (or at least top 2 thirds) at Welsh Masters for Warmahordes in May. (0/1)

Still months away.

10 - Transfer my flip-top paint collection to dropper bottles. (1/too many)

Nope.   nope.  NOPE.   Really need to clear a space downstairs and just get started on this, I can do batches of 10 at a time, so should try and get 2-3 done a month to begin with.

11 - Paint 4-6pts of Normans for SAGA for the Falkirk District Wargames Club Campaign. (3/6pts    17/41 models)

This was probably my biggest focus this month.  Painted my Warlord, 2 units of foot Hearthguard and a unit of Warriors.  Started working on the crossbow armed warriors, then thought about picking up the official models.  Also assembled and primed 2 units of mounted Hearthguard and another unit of Warriors.

12 - Play 6 New Opponents. (3/6)

Halfway there after attending the Age of Sigmar tournament.

13 - Go to 2 Gaming Shows or Conventions. (0/2)

Nope.  But SmogCon is next month, as is Vapnartak, and I managed to shift my shift times around to make the bus trip down with the Falkirk lot.  Should be complete next month.

14 - Paint 20 Random Frostgrave Figures. (0/20)

Nope.  However, I have cleaned up and primed a bunch of random Osprey/Northstar figures for this.  Still have to do a post about my choices, but at least they are ready to start work on.

15 - Finish the Privateer Press Forum Painting challenge with Ironman Status (10+ pts painted every calendar month) (1/12)

Painted Kaya2 and Laris, the 2016 Gheorix resculpt and a Druid Wilder, so 25pts plus a Warlock.  Currently on track to complete should the following months prove half as successful.

16 - Paint 2 new Warmahordes Battle boxes for demoing.  (0/2 Starters.  0/8 models)

Not started on clean up yet, as Circle was my pre Smog focus.

Overall thoughts are that I am pretty happy with this month, still feel relatively fresh and invigorated to be working on different things, and it is satisfying to even have a bunch of primed miniatures waiting to be started as I was generally only assembling to paint before.  Other than actually keeping this thing updated, my biggest achievement is finishing off the Circle models, as it means that both lists I ran at Scottish Masters last year are now fully painted, so, that's great because it means I never have to worry about playing with a half painted model or proxy because something is sitting half done on my desk.

#workbenchwednesday 25/01/17

posted 25 Jan 2017, 15:13 by John Martin   [ updated 25 Jan 2017, 15:18 ]

Still going strong on the updates front, a definite change from every year previous...

It's been a busy and productive week all told.  I've played 3 games of Age of Sigmar, 1 game of Zombicide: Black Plague and 1 game of Hordes, as well as finishing off 4 models.

But before all of that, the workbench update

Kaya2 and Laris are finished so have moved to the cabinet, and the Ghetorix resculpt has taken centre stage, along with the Druid Wilder to finish my 75pt list.  I've also moved the new Games n Gears brushes to be closer to hand.  The Microworld Beastmen and Frostgrave Soldiers haven't been touched.  Pallet is getting messy and my paint water is a bit grotty so could probably do with a change before it starts tasting too funky.

So, yeah, painted stuff.   I finished off Kaya2 and Laris, as the challenge for the Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners facebook page painting challenge for the month was a Warcaster/Warlock.  Although they had been started, I figured it was alright seeing as it was 2 models. 

Alongside this pair, I also painted Truffles the Pig, the Season 2 Butcher's Guild Mascot, with the intent of putting my new brushes to the test.  Figured it would be a quick and easy project as it only used a handful of colours, and, with the immenent release of Veteran Ox next month, keep me level with my hobby resolutions.

The fourth model I finished was Ghetorix, although he still needs varnished and based, so I don't have a picture of him yet.  Maybe tomorrow or Friday time permitting.

On the gaming front, my Age of Sigmar experience was covered in my tournament report.  Duffy came over Monday evening with the Hunters team, and we managed to get a game of Zombicide: Black Plague in.  It was a frantic affair, although our party of 6 was successful in recovering the 4 objectives and clearing the Spawn points.  Tuesday saw me Pit Sarah's Skorne against her Menoth, as she wanted to play her freshly painted Feora2, so I obliged by dropping Mordikaar, just to let her see what I had had to deal with for most of our MKii games.  Ultimately I was victorious, as she clocked herself, but I had very little left on the table, save Mordikaar, some Beasthandlers, an Ancestral Guardian, and the remains of a Nihilator unit.

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