Age of Sigmar Tempest Crusade 2017: SHYISH Report

posted 22 Jan 2017, 09:56 by John Martin   [ updated 22 Jan 2017, 09:58 ]
Got a message the other morning asking if I could possibly switch shifts and pick up a Wednesday night over a Friday, now, having at least one functional braincell, the obvious answer was yes, and, as she was still working Friday night, that left me at a loose end for Saturday.  I had seen on Facebook that Common Ground had no space for drop-in games, due to another event running, so that ruled out any casual Warmahordes.. 

The event in question was for Age of Sigmar, Tempest Crusade 2017: SHYISH, and it just so happened that they had had a drop out and were looking for a stand-in player.  Obviously, Fate had intervened, and was urging me to tick off some more Hobby Goals.

I enquired about the event, and quickly found out that I needed a copy of the General's Handbook (for points values) and a fully painted army, preferably on round bases.  One of these was easier than the other, and it wasn't buying a book...

I knew I had my Mantic Dwarf army, although, it was on straight edge bases for 8th Edition Warhammer, and would probably require a good dusting, as it was just sitting on a tray in the loft.  A few exchanged messages, and Scott (one of the event organisers) kindly offered me the use of his Stormcast Eternal army (on round bases) for the day.  The fact the army included a Dragon swung the decision for me, but only slightly more than the fact I wouldn't have to dig out and dust the Dwarfs.

So, armed with only the vaguest idea about the rules, and not needing to worry about packing an army, I set off to Common Ground Games to spend a day surrounded by complete strangers to play a game I knew almost nothing about...  What could possibly go wrong?

The first round draw had been posted online, along with all the army lists, so I at least knew who and what I would be facing, even if I had no idea what it did.  I had the vaguest idea about what my borrowed force was designed to do.  So, I was starting on table 22 of 22, which I guess is alright, as it meant it was literally impossible for me to finish the day in a worse position.

One of the best things about Tournaments and Events is ConSwag, and everyone who was in attendance was given a set of TT Combat Fantasy Scenics Turn Counter and Tokens., something which immediately appealed to me because moar tokens and gamer clutter , plus it makes tracking things easier in game.

Game one was against Stu D's Nurgle and Khorne Daemon Coalition.

List was Great Unclean one, 2 Nurgle Heralds, 3 x 10 Plaguebearers, 6 Plague Drones, a Bloodthirster and 2 Skull cannons.  It was a pretty brutal Slugfest, as I teleported the Retributors directly in front of his Drones and charged them in.  Stu's Nurgle Formation benefit of Healing pretty much all the damage I put into his GUO and Heralds meant I focussed fire on the Khorne models, and tried my best to grind down the rest.  The game ended after 5 rounds with only the severely wounded GUO and a solitary Herald of Nurgle tethering on the brink of existance (1 wound left), with me having control of both the Comets that had landed on the battlefield.  Major Victory to me for having the most Scenario points, and a good 1000+ point swing in Victory points for casualties.

Game 2, and I was catapulted up the ranks to the heady heights of table 3.  Beginners luck promptly throwing me out of my depth.

Stu 2's army was along the lines of - Ogre Tyrant, Ogre BSB, 2 x 3 Ogres, 2 Goblin Warbosses, Goblin Wizard on Wolf, 3 Goblin Bolt Throwers, Stonehorn (or Thundertusk) and a manky big Wurm...

Things went south pretty quickly as the twin linked machine guns disguised as Bolt Throwers and the rest of the shooting knocked 14 wounds off the Dragon in the first turn...  Again the Retributors teleported and immediately bounced off the Wurm, which chewed through them in short order.  The game ended with a Solitary Judicator standing atop a hill surveying the carnage around him, which was cut short by more homing Bolts...

Tabled.  But at least I didn't give up maximum points, as my army was 20pts under the limit.  Clouds.  Silver lining. Something.

Game 3 and I dropped to table 11, so, thankfully, still in the top half.

I was up against Paul and his Seraphon (Lizardmen) and his list was along the lines of - Saurus Hero, 2 Heroes on Carnosaurs, and another Hero, 2 x 20 Lizardmen Warriors,, 10 Temple Guard, a unit of Saurus Cav and some sort of Dinosaur Siege Engine.  This was a custom Scenario that involved a dice game in the centre of the table, with Hero models playing Death, and that was how Scenario points were scored.

Once again, the Retributors teleported across the table, and managed to chew through most of a unit of Lizardmen, plus put some damage into the big Dinosaur.  My other flank got bogged down with the Dragon being tarpitted by 3 units, which slowly ground him down.  In the centre, the two Carnosaurs pretty much chewed through everything leaving the Lizardman General to beat Death at dice, and score 2 Scenario points.  Being that by this time all my Heroes were lodged in Lizards digestive tracts, we called the game.

So, overall went 1-2, and finished 26th of 42.  Not bad I guess for not knowing the game, or the match-ups, and using an army written by someone else.  Also picked up a Most Sporting Opponent nomination, so that's cool.

So, thoughts on the day?

Overall it was a good way to spend a day off (even if I did have a Nightshift straight after...) and it was really cool to see so many fully painted armies,, guessing somewhere in the region of 35+ of the 42.  Kudos to all 3 of my opponents for being understanding of my noob status, and keeping me right in the switch from unit based activations, to full phases.  I'm not sure that my army was optimal, I constantly felt that I was seriously outnumbered, and dealing with so many models that had saves versus Mortal Wounds was a drag, the damage output for such low numbers was telling, and I feel the Dragon is seriously overcosted for his potential output.  Age of Sigmar has been on my radar for some time, having played most previous editions of Warhammer from about 4th -8th, although, never really competitively or with a major focus.  I do really like the idea of narrative battles however, as a change of pace from constant tournament scenarios, and in a lot of cases, having a suggested Force composition can steer an errant mind towards actually getting stuff together.  I currently have the Stormcasts from the starter box, alongside a huge amount of chaos Deamons, Ogres,, Chaos and a smattering of Undead models, so I am considering getting something painted up (Great, not even a month into the year and new projects are popping up), more with a view to playing a campaign rather than a tournament force.

So yeah, glad I went along, good to try out something new without the pressure and time commitment of having to paint a full army first, and definitely something  I would consider in future schedule permitting.  Also, as a bonus, 3/6 new opponents ticked off the Hobby Resolutions for the year, so the day still contributed in some way.  Even if it does cost me time and money further down the line.