Fresh(er) Start - 2017 Hobby Bingo Resolutions

posted 3 Jan 2017, 09:41 by John Martin   [ updated 12 Jan 2017, 23:15 ]
Here goes with the obligatory January update, your one post for the year and all that...

Actually, I am going to try and keep this updated semi Regularly, hopefully at least once a month, whilst still tinkering away at making the site look a bit nicer and getting more pictures up.

This post was prompted by a Hobby Resolution Image that was floating about on Instagram from hobbyvices where he was looking for people to share the #hobbyresolution2017 (I think that counts) and it kinda mixed in my head with someone else who had posted up a Hobby Bingo sheet for the previous year.  So I floated the idea with Brushchewer about doing something similar.

I figured 16 various things, spread across Painting, Gaming and Hobby would be good (we both chose different amounts) and quickly set about working mine out.  Ultimately, mine ended up being mostly painting related (10 choices) then split evenly between gaming and hobby ( 3 a piece)

I'll List them here with a bit of explanation towards each, and keep them updated on the Homepage once I've worked out all the lists and what is actually done.

2017 Hobby Resolutions

1 - Build and paint a 1500 point German Force for Konflict '47.  in 15mm.

I've had a bunch of Plastic Soldier Company and Battlefront Germans lying around for a few years now, from when a few guys at the clubs I went to were all over Flames of War.  I never got beyond building and modding a few tanks before they moved onto something else, so that was as far as that project went.  So, general love of werewolves, and having a bit of an interest in Weird War, I was very interested in Konflict '47, especially as I had been following Clockwork Goblin when they were producing the 15mm versions.  Talking to my Erstwhile partner in 15mm Crime, I figured I may as well get some of the stuff painted up.  I've worked out a preliminary 1000pt list, but will take it up to 1500 or so, as I didn't add a tank.

2 - Continue painting Microworld Beastmen for 6mm Warmaster to hit 2000+ points.

Warmaster was a game I really enjoyed back when it was released, and despite never playing much, I've always had a soft spot for it.  Despite owning both an official Chaos army and the Copplestone 'Honestly not Lord of the Rings' Orc army, I decided to go for 6mm as I had fallen in love with the models from MicroWorld Games and it was a lot cheaper than starting a new Ebay army.  I settled for Beastmen (although both Demons and Wood Elves were tempting) and got a fair amount painted up last year in a couple of sessions.  Currently sitting at about 1400pts painted, and I hope to get the army to at least 2000pts, which I can hit by finishing the units and characters that I had already started.

3 - Paint one of the 6 WARMACHINE Colossals or HORDES Gargantuans I have in my Backlog.

Imagine Mt. Everest.  Made of Lead...

So between the various factions I collect (read: Most) I have ended up with 6 (at current count) Gargossal models.  All of which are unassembled.  I would like to change that, and get at least one of them built and painted this year.  Current though is that it will be a WoldWrath for my new Circle Orboros army, But it might be the Storm Raptor (also Circle) or Mountain King (Trollbloods).  May even be the 7th one I get...

4 - Maintain a relatively tidy and clear games room.

Pretty Straight Forward.  Once everything starts getting cluttered it becomes a real drain on my hobby mojo.  The table becomes a dumping ground for boxes, cases and figures, and it then stops me wanting to play (as I have to clear it...)  I also immediately feel more settled when it is clear and that helps productivity.  Managed to clear my desk and the tabletop yesterday.  Cleaned out my painting mug, washed my pallet.  Was tempted to wash my painting towel, but I think it is now more paint and glue than fabric, and that is all that would survive a wash.  May just invest in a new one.,

5 - Maintain Butcher's Guild being fully painted.

Seeing as it was one of the few Game Systems that I actually had Fully Painted for a while, I figure I had better keep on top of at least one team, it is currently only 3 figures to paint to get them back there, and I have another 2-3 teams to deal with after that.  Fully Painted straight out the window...

6 - Organise and run a two day Warmahordes event,

So part of being a PressGanger is getting new blood into Warmahordes, and the other part is keeping them there with various events.  I've been running a 4-weekly Steamroller, mainly at Common Ground Games in Stirling, and I really want to put on a big two day event, as I've been to a fair few and have always enjoyed them from a Player Perspective.  I have a venue and date set up for this already, it's just a case of getting it all planned out and sorted now,

7 - Play 6 different Board Games.

Kinda self explanatory this one.  Now I've spent a fair bit of cash on various kickstarters, mainly miniature related ones, and that has included a lot of board games.  Beyond organising them, and spending even more cash buying card sleeves, I haven't really done anything else with them.  We had a kinda impromptu weekend gaming session early last year when my friend Mark was over from Northern Ireland around March, but that was really it. Fast forward to the last couple of weeks, and I managed to get Brushchewer,  Jimboba and Duffy together to play Bloodrage at CGG, which was a blast.  So, yeah, play 6 different boardgames at least once, hopefully more.  I know Bloodrage and Battlelore 2nd edition are going to be part of that, probably Zombicide, and seeing as she bought me Star Wars Imperial Assault and B-Sieged for Christmas, I figure I better play those too.  (once suitably sleeved)

8 - Paint a Dark Elf army for Warband in 15mm. 

I've painted up 3 Blighthaven warbands now for Paul at Ral Partha Europe and have amassed sizeable forces of Beastmen, Elves and various other models.  I absolutely love these sculpts, they are, in my opinion, some of the best 15mm available despite being more that 20 years old.  Seeing as Jimboba is fielding his Celts, I figured I would do something a little different for a new army, rather than the Copplestone Northlanders I had been working on.  I picked up Pendraken's Warband rules a while back, along with a Taurian army pack, but I immediately looked into switching to 15mm for this over 10mm.  I got some sabots made up at War Bases so that I could use individually based 15mm models to play, and still have them able to pull double-duty for skirmish games.  Turns out that the list I have planed for Warband will cover me for Dragon Rampant once I add a Dragon.  Go figure.

9 - Place in the top half (or at least top 2 thirds) at Welsh Masters for Warmahordes in May.

Again, pretty self explanatory.  Went to Welsh Masters last year, had a blast, want to do the same again this year, and place a bit higher than I did with MKii Thornfall.  Top half of the table would be great, but I'd settle for anywhere in the top two thirds.

10 - Transfer my flip-top paint collection to dropper bottles.

Some of my paints are old.  Like, 15 years old or more, and recently I've had a few of my Foundry paints lid's shatter when opening them.  I have the complete collection, so that's a lot of paint.  Add the P3 line to that, as well as the newer GW line, and that's even more.  Now, most of the little nubbins on the flip tops are breaking anyway, so, 400 dropper bottles from Ebay and a bunch of little funnels are waiting for me to begin what is surely going to be a messy and tedious task.

11 - Paint 4-6pts of Normans for SAGA for the Falkirk District Wargames Club Campaign.

So Tim is running a SAGA campaign at the club, and I figured I would join in last year when it kicked off in a bid to play new people and learn a new game.  And clear some of my unpainted backlog...  The Campaign petered out after the first round or so due to various real life events, but is scheduled to start up again this year.  I am using the Conquest Games plastic Normans for my force, and aim to have 6 points done, hopefully with a few points of extra options.

12 - Play 6 New Opponents.

Again, self explanatory.   Get out the house, stop being a recluse and play games versus new faces..

13 - Go to 2 Gaming Shows or Conventions.

But I only wanted one pack of bases...

Similar to the above, just something to force me to get out of the house once in a while.  Between Nightshift and kids, free weekends are a luxury, and never seem to coincide with anything exciting.  Already booked in for SmogCon in February, so that's a big one.  Sadly I'll miss our clubs show (Carronade) this year as it clashes with Welsh Masters, so hopefully I can either get down to York for Varpartnak or one of the other Scottish shows.

14 - Paint 20 Random Frostgrave Figures.

Frostgrave really took off at FDWC, probably because most folk had a variety of old models to shoe into a warband (and trigger random basing OCD...) and I got pretty much all of the original Kickstarter.  Did I mention I am a huge Copplestone fan?  I painted up an Enchanter Warband (Witch and Necromancer were close choices) and both the standard and Cult Barbarians.  Added enough models to have a starting warband, and that is as far as it got.  Total games played 0.  But at least I can say that my warband has won more painting awards than it has won games, right?  I want to chip away at some of the Frostgrave drawer, probably because it is full, and just to give me some random stuff to work on.  The 20 figures I have chosen (at the moment) include the Apeman from Empire of the Dead, and the Demon gang from A Fistful of Kung-Fu, as both should fit in pretty well.  I like getting double duty from models these days (even if I continue to buy the official ones too) and the Demons should be a good choice to work in AFoKF, Daisho, Ronin and Frostgrave.  I will do a seperate blog post detail the 20 figures and why I chose them.

15 - Finish the Privateer Press Forum Painting challenge with Ironman Status (10+ pts painted every calendar month)

For the last two years I have participated in the "A Tale of Warmachine/Hordes 20xx" on the official Privateer Press Forum.  The general idea is to paint 10+ points a month (MKiii) or a Warlock or Warcaster.   You are allowed two gap months by playing a get out of painting free card, which can also be won back by painting 20+ points in a single month after that.  There was a list of various titles and achievements listed somewhere, and one of those was the Ironman award, for completing all 12 months without using a GooP card.  I've managed it for 2 years, so aiming for a third.  Should be alright with my 2 new battleboxes, a colossal or gargantuan, and adding to my Circle army.

16 - Paint 2 new Warmahordes Battle boxes for demoing.

This one is relatively easy, and also contributes to number 15.  I have a number of starter battle boxes painted up already over MKii and MKIII, and I figured that I might as well go for Trollbloods and Skorne as they are the last 2 Hordes boxes I need to do, and are also the ones included in the 2 player starter box.  Although both 0pt choices in game, that gives me 2 Warlocks and probably 3-4 months of stuff to complete for the Forum Challenge.

So, yeah, That is pretty much it for my goals in 2017.  Obviously I'll get distracted at some point, but I hope to use this as a guide to focus myself a bit.  I'll hopefully update soon with progress, or you'll be waiting until 2018 for the next post...