Fresh Start

posted 13 Mar 2016, 17:53 by John Martin   [ updated 12 Jan 2017, 17:29 ]
So, I go through bursts of hobby... I dunno, despair, and have so many projects and things on the go at any one time that when I do find time to get on with them, I feel overwhelmed and just sit and play videogames...

Spent all of last year just painting Farrow mainly for HORDES, and have nearly filled out the entire line in painted models, and I played a few competitive games and tournaments and did alright.  Figured I should look towards getting a few starters painted up for different systems to branch out a bit.  Success so far as I finished up all my Butcher's Guild for Guildball and a full warband for Frostgrave.

Next up is probably a demon themed warband for Ronin/Daisho/A Fistful of Kung-Fu, and some Conquest Normans for SAGA that might get expanded into a Lion/Dragon Rampant army.

Also made a start on some 6mm Beastmen from Microworld Games for playing Warmaster in that scale.