Month in Review - February 2017

posted 28 Feb 2017, 08:33 by John Martin   [ updated 28 Feb 2017, 08:33 ]
Strangely, it doesn't seem all that long ago since I was doing this, yet it also seems an age away, as it has been a relatively busy month.

Working on the Construct Warbeasts for Circle has really let me get a lot done, as it is mainly washes and drybrushing, with a load of basing effects, and I rattled out more than enough to run a full list.  According to War Room 2, it is 108/75, so...  rather a lot more.  I managed to plough through

Baldur2, Megalith, 2 x Wold Wrath, 3 x Blackclad Stoneshaper, 2 x Wold Wyrd. Wold Guardian.

I also managed to get the 5 shrimps from the 1st Woldstalker unit completed, but held off on painting the leader (curse you living model) as it will be more time and paint efficient to do him along with the leader of the 2nd unit.  Might even do both the Shifting Stone Leaders too.  That would have been another 10pts complete, but it stands me in good stead for next month.

With SmogCon been and gone, I've ticked off all my games against new opponents, and my 2 shows or Conventions, add to that, not one, but two of my Gargossal Backlog now fully painted, and that is 3/16 Hobby Resolutions cleared.  I need to finish at least one more next month to stay on track for the year, and I reckon I should maybe get those Beastmen finished for Warmaster to clear that space (especially as a few guys at the club were playing the Czech released Warmaster Revolution updated rules), or more of my Normans for the club Saga campaign, as I still have to put those Crossbowmen from York together.

Thing is, I'm really enjoying painting Circle right now, and it is going in quick, as I've already had to rearrange the display cabinets to fit in what I have done.  This might also be future-proofing, as I put the Storm Raptor together over the weekend (a 3rd Gargantuan?  Indeed)  There are a few changes I would make to my Baldur2 list as it currently stands, which means painting up a couple more models before Welsh Masters in May, and I have an idea for a 2nd build that pulls an idea from MacBeth of all places....  plus I probably should get a few more Warlocks and other living models done.  Gah, hitting the painting of actual proper units...  Might be time to switch Faction,

Looking further ahead in the year, ticket sales have picked up slightly for my Warmahordes 2 day event in April, and, while I doubt it will hit 48 players, I am hoping for 24, which makes splitting the groups up for both days easier, and I have holiday time booked for that, Welsh, NorthCon in June, UK Masters in September, and I am going to try and get a sneaky trip to Dublin in for the Irish Gauntlet in August.

Not done any boardgaming this month, or played any other games other than Warmachine.  I'm lined up to do a guest spot on the Painting with Menoth John show ( I have a Sunday night free.

Next up on the paint station is the Leader for the Wold Stalker unit, plus a 2nd unit and Baldur1, and I still have to do a little clean up and gap filling on the Storm Raptor before it gets primed.  Should probably get started on some Frostgrave models too...

Finally, I figured I'd share the words I put up on Facebook post SmogCon, as it gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction to be part of such an amazing hobby and bunch of people.  It was pointed out to me that, even if one person in twenty is an asshole, that means the other 19 are pretty decent, so, it is good to just focus on positives sometimes.

"So, 600+ mile round trip to SmogCon, don't even want to total up the expense, had an absolute fucking blast hanging with the PPS guys (Hungerford, Matt and Dallas) who spent more time with us than required and were super cool to just chat shit with, and sit in the pub eating kebabs, kinda weird when the only people asked for their question in a QA session by name are you, your missus and Thomas Guan. Was great to get in some games with both the guys from my own meta (David, Nicholas and Skywolf) seeing as I'm always running events, and do crazy shit like Thunderdome (with Nick, Sims, Ross, Sarah and Tom) then again with Rory, Konrad, James, Stuart and a 3rd time with Warcaster V1-3, with Konrad, Stu, James, Sarah and Cole. To the guys that I got pick-up games with (Byron, Alan, Martyn, Delano, James, some dude called Will H or something... ;) and to Norbert for the sweet Tshirt and whiskey, Jason for the T, and Justin from Beasts of War for getting my army on film, on that note, to every single person who came up and asked about or complimented my stuff, from people passing by and stopping me mid game to ask to take pictures, to the old women in the lift saying it looked more fun than their convention, and the (possibly) Italian women asking for pictures in the hallway. That means a lot like. To all the sound guys from previous events that we don't get to hang out with enough because of distance, and my Scottish guys Allan, Sean, Dan, David and Adam, that mean there is always a familiar face close by at some point. To Martyn for seeking me out to try and get a little 4 nations event organized on the Sunday morning, and James for getting at me to get in on the pre- WTC 6 Nations planning. It's appreciated guys. Congratz to Jon and all my fellow PG's for running the show, you do great work guys. Roll on Lock 'n' Load Europe!

Sorry if I missed anyone, you know who you are, and let's be honest, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep means there is a lot of blur over the weekend :P

Really, it's just fucking awesome to be part of such a great community and crew, and that it is always surprising and a bit humbling when people remember me, or actually seek me out, because I see it as me just being some dude doing these little events in this little country, so final thanks to Sarah for scoring the tickets, and always being the one to push me to do more stuff and remind me that, in terms of the hobby, I'm sometimes someone to somebody."