Month in Review - January 2017

posted 31 Jan 2017, 12:14 by John Martin   [ updated 31 Jan 2017, 12:14 ]
Well, first things first, go me for actually updating this thing on a regular basis.  Even if I don't hit any of my Hobby Resolutions, I feel that that is a great achievement.

So, how are things looking for my 16 Hobby Resolution challenges?

1 - Build and paint a 1500 point German Force for Konflict '47.  in 15mm.  (3/34 Infantry, 0/4 Weapon Teams, 0/4 Vehicles)

I've assembled and primed pretty much all of the standard infantry and weapon teams, still have the Shrekwulfen to clean up, and a 2nd NachtJaeger to source.  Not great, but at least I have stuff ready to work on.

2 - Continue painting Microworld Beastmen for 6mm Warmaster to hit 2000+ points.   (0/17 Stands)

Yeah, took one look at the Chariots that needed glued together and promptly put them back down.

3 - Paint one of the 6 WARMACHINE Colossals or HORDES Gargantuans I have in my Backlog.  (0/1)

Nope.  Still not assembled one.  That might change this week, as I want to try and bust out a few more Circle models before SmogCon.

4 - Maintain a relatively tidy and clear games room.

Yeah, this one is happening.  I've pretty much managed to keep the table clear, to the point that games can be played on it, and my desk is still relatively clutter free.  The floor needs a bit of work, loads of stuff that could get thrown into the loft or sold.

5 - Maintain Butcher's Guild being fully painted. (1/3)

Progress was made as I painted Truffles.  Still have the other 2 to pin and prime, but they are cleaned up.  Veteran Ox is out next month, so I'm ahead of the game for the moment.  Being handed a full Hunter's team didn't help...

6 - Organise and run a two day Warmahordes event, (0/1)

Still working on this.  Ticket sales are slooooooow though.

7 - Play 6 different Board Games. (1/6)  (Zombicide: Black Plague)

So played Duffy and Sarah at Zombicide: Black Plague last week.  Probably something to add to the collection at some point.  More my style than standard Zombicide because of the fantasy setting.

8 - Paint a Dark Elf army for Warband in 15mm. (0/66 Infantry, 0/1 Monster.  0/12 units)

Not even started assembly.

9 - Place in the top half (or at least top 2 thirds) at Welsh Masters for Warmahordes in May. (0/1)

Still months away.

10 - Transfer my flip-top paint collection to dropper bottles. (1/too many)

Nope.   nope.  NOPE.   Really need to clear a space downstairs and just get started on this, I can do batches of 10 at a time, so should try and get 2-3 done a month to begin with.

11 - Paint 4-6pts of Normans for SAGA for the Falkirk District Wargames Club Campaign. (3/6pts    17/41 models)

This was probably my biggest focus this month.  Painted my Warlord, 2 units of foot Hearthguard and a unit of Warriors.  Started working on the crossbow armed warriors, then thought about picking up the official models.  Also assembled and primed 2 units of mounted Hearthguard and another unit of Warriors.

12 - Play 6 New Opponents. (3/6)

Halfway there after attending the Age of Sigmar tournament.

13 - Go to 2 Gaming Shows or Conventions. (0/2)

Nope.  But SmogCon is next month, as is Vapnartak, and I managed to shift my shift times around to make the bus trip down with the Falkirk lot.  Should be complete next month.

14 - Paint 20 Random Frostgrave Figures. (0/20)

Nope.  However, I have cleaned up and primed a bunch of random Osprey/Northstar figures for this.  Still have to do a post about my choices, but at least they are ready to start work on.

15 - Finish the Privateer Press Forum Painting challenge with Ironman Status (10+ pts painted every calendar month) (1/12)

Painted Kaya2 and Laris, the 2016 Gheorix resculpt and a Druid Wilder, so 25pts plus a Warlock.  Currently on track to complete should the following months prove half as successful.

16 - Paint 2 new Warmahordes Battle boxes for demoing.  (0/2 Starters.  0/8 models)

Not started on clean up yet, as Circle was my pre Smog focus.

Overall thoughts are that I am pretty happy with this month, still feel relatively fresh and invigorated to be working on different things, and it is satisfying to even have a bunch of primed miniatures waiting to be started as I was generally only assembling to paint before.  Other than actually keeping this thing updated, my biggest achievement is finishing off the Circle models, as it means that both lists I ran at Scottish Masters last year are now fully painted, so, that's great because it means I never have to worry about playing with a half painted model or proxy because something is sitting half done on my desk.