To be this good would take SAGA... 13 days apparently.

posted 12 Jan 2017, 22:08 by John Martin   [ updated 18 Jan 2017, 05:43 ]
So bonus points if you are old enough to get the above reference.

Work has continued apace on my Saga force as the club campaign is gearing up again (gotta keep the campaign master happy right?  Especially after drilling his dudes full of crossbow bolts...) and I have so far finished off my Warlord and 3pts of units (2 x Hearthguard, 1 x Warriors).  That just leaves the crossbowmen to do for my Campaign army (4pts starter) and they are partly done.  The more I look at using the Frostgrave plastics in conjunction with the Conquest ones, the more I think I might just grab a pack of Norman Crossbowmen from Gripping Beast or somewhere to fit in a bit better.

I need to pick up some shield transfers at some point (hopefully I can get some shift swaps sorted to make the club trip to York next month) but at the moment the Hearthguard units are differentiated by having one in blue tunics with white undershirts, and the other the reverse.  I plan to follow suite on the Warriors, and will probably end up doing a half and half pattern on the third unit.  The real reason for doing three units is so that I can also use these guys for Dragon/Lion Rampant.  Three units of Hearthguard will give me a unit of Heavy Infantry, and three units of Warriors will give me two units of Light Foot.  Same will apply when I get around to adding the mounted options.  I actually have a spare knight set aside to add to a Reaper Bones Griffon to make a sweet looking General or Hero for more fantasy themed games.

On the subject of bases - Yeah, I went with lipped bases, so what?  The simple answer is that I really like them, even if I am mainly constrained to 4 common sizes (30/40/50/120mm) although I am sure Resin versions in other sizes exist.  I like the lipped bases mainly from Warmachine, many (many) years ago I started stockpiling lipped bases for projects because I liked the look so much.  Since then, I mainly use resin bases on my Warmahordes stuff, so I have an even greater excess of plastic ones to spare.  I figured seeing that I put my Frostgrave Warband on them, I would continue the trend with all my skirmish games, and that progressed to Saga, and will extend to Dragon/Lion Rampant (Double duty figures, right).  I guess the next step will be to start using them on 6 or 10 or 15mm stuff too.

One thing to note is that I really dislike black rims.  I feel that they may have a place on display models, but for gaming models, it creates a barrier between the model and table, hence the majority of my rims are painted Army Painter Leather Brown, and it turns out it is a pretty close match to my gaming mat.  I must confess that my Guildball Butchers have black rims, but that is purely because the brown did not sit well with the bone coloured tiling.  I feel I may hit a similar issue painting up some Protectorate of Menoth on Rivenstone bases, but will cross that bridge when I come to it.

So what's next?  I should really get my Warmahordes quota filled for the month, and get the crossbowmen finished, even if they are going to be replaced.  Then I need to start assembling some of the models I plan to paint this year.  I am already coming unstuck, as I really want to put together a Broken Legions Warband for the club, but might be able to wangle that into the category of Frostgrave figures.  Time is also ticking to have at least one fully painted Circle list to run at SmogCon, so that may take priority.