#workbenchwednesday 01/02/17

posted 1 Feb 2017, 14:13 by John Martin   [ updated 1 Feb 2017, 14:13 ]
So, I did good keeping this updated last month, and hope to do so for the remainder of the year, if not beyond.

Having finished the Circle models, I've got a few Saga models up next.

The 2 units of mounted hearthguard have been drilled and glued to paperclips for priming off of their horses, and I've started with a colour primer of Platemail metal, followed by a Dark tone wash.  The skin has been blocked in with Tanned Flesh.  Once all the other details are blocked in, I'll give them an all over wash with Dark Tone, then highlight and layer up.

The Horses have been primed Leather Brown, basically because it's easier to paint the horse another colour and the basework is already done, and the texture has been washed with Strong tone.

The 2nd unit of Warriors was also primed Leather brown and hit with the Strong wash, and the skin was blocked in.  The plan is to drybrush Leather Brown over the bases, followed by Skeleton Bone, then re-do the rims Leather Brown.  That is how I do the majority of my bases these days.  It also gets the messy drybrushing out of the way before painting really begins.

Yesterday's review post got me thinking though, with 16 hobby resolutions, which is basically crossing off 4 every 3 months to keep on target.  Some, like keeping the Games room tidy or Ironmanning the PP forum painting challenge are obviously end of the year things, whilst others can be completed much sooner.  So, highlighters in hand, I set about provisionally planning how I would break them down over the year.

January - March - Finish the Microworld Beastmen, Paint a Gargossal, Play 6 new Opponents, Go to 2 Shows or Conventions.

York and SmogCon cover the latter two, and hopefully I can find the time to get a Gargantuan painted before then.  Then it's just a case of finishing off the beastmen and getting started on the next things.

April - June - Run a 2 day event, play 6 different boardgames, Place at Welsh Masters, Finish 6pts of Saga.

Well, the Saga stuff is halway done already, with more on the paint station so that's a big plus, Welsh masters and my event are in April and May, and the Boardgames breaks down to 1 a month.

July - September - Konflict '47, Warband Dark Elves, 20 Frostgrave figures, 2 Hordes Battle boxes.

OK, so, errrrr, basically this was all the choices that were left that after the first 8, and working out what 4 I couldn't tick off until the end of the year...

October - December - Tidy Games Room, Keep Butcher's Guild fully painted, Transfer Paints to Dropper Bottles, PP Forum Ironman status.

As above, mostly stuff I won't know I've done until the end of the year.