#workbenchwednesday 04/01/17

posted 4 Jan 2017, 14:32 by John Martin   [ updated 18 Jan 2017, 05:43 ]
OK, so, already beaten last years record by writing 2 blog posts this year...

Came up in a facebook discussion this morning, with everyone showing of their freshly cleaned (or not) workstations, and it was suggested that people post a picture once a week to show the steady decline into chaos, or productivity (YMMV) Figured it was a pretty good idea, especially to help me maintain some semblance of organised chaos, and maybe push me towards clearing stuff and keeping this updated.

So, how's it looking?

Pretty snazzy huh?  The figure on the cutting mat is no longer there as he will be winging his way to Germany as part of a Warmahordes Press Gang Secret Santa, so that just leaves the figures to the left.

First up is my Microworld Beastmen for 6mm Warmaster.  All in there are 2 units of Chariots, a unit of Dragon Ogres (points sink), a unit of Minotaurs, a unit of Herdkin and a Doombull and Wargor character stand.  17 elements all in, and 785 points, which is enough, should I get it all painted, to take me to over 2000 points.

Finally, there are a couple of unfinished Circle models, Kaya2 and Laris, and the new Ghetorix resculpt, which are part of one of the lists I used at Scottish Masters last year (I switched to the army at 3am the morning of the event).  Getting these done would not only cover my PP forum painting requirement, but also means I would be only one model away from having the full 75pt list fully painted.  That model in question is the Druid Wilder warlock attachment, and she is currently awaiting primer.

Hoping to do an hour or so before hitting the hay tonight, and once the kids ship out to school in the morning I am free for the rest of the day to start assembling some of the models for the year and doing some painting.