#workbenchwednesday 08/02/17

posted 8 Feb 2017, 16:13 by John Martin   [ updated 8 Feb 2017, 16:16 ]
Phew, late in the day, but this is a big one.

First up, the weekly workbench shot -

Looks suspiciously tidy right?  Well, the Saga stuff got moved out the way, as, fresh on the success of finishing my Circle list, the arrival of the new Wold theme force made the Baldur 2 list I had planned a lot more competitive, so I thought I'd try and bust it out before SmogCon.  Hey, it's only 7 models in 2 weeks, right?

Enter disaster...

So, being a big kit, I figured the 1,9mm brass rod was the best thing to use as pins.  Sadly, my old clippers gave up the ghost after about ten years faithful service, and shattered when I was trimming one of the pins...

This was after my Drybrush figured it was time to call it a day...

Maybe I'm just heavy handed?

Then, After using an entire bottle of Strong Tone to wash the Wold Wrath, I found out that I had about 8 bottles of Soft tone and 6 bottles of Dark tone in my stash, but no Strong tone.

So, that was a day lost, fighting the cold, before heading out to get new heavy duty snips, and a restock of Strong Tone.

Long story short, I finished Wold Wrath.  Well, the first one anyway...  Only 6 models to do in a week.  Around work.  and the Kids.

Totally doable, right?

Bloody picture won't rotate...

In other news, made the trip to York on Sunday (between Nightshifts) to Vapnartak, along with the guys from Falkirk Wargamers.  Did the usual wandering, spent a fair bit of time around the Warmahordes event, and had a demo of Relic Knights, seeing as I've had the models sitting in a box for over a year...

A modest amount of spending was done (for me at any rate) and the haul included -

Rogue Stars and the Pikeman's Lament rules from Osprey, to fill out the collection, and let me get a gang sorted for the FDWC Campaign, plus some Barbarians, who will be added to the Frostgrave pile, but might get used for Broken Legion's Dacians.  Picked up the Norman Crossbowmen from Gripping Beast to scale with my Conquest Knights, and a couple of Arcworlde figures.  A dark lord who is obviously not modelling himself after the Witch-King or Sauron, and a Norse style Leader.  Final purchase was a set of Union dice for Guildball from the Flea Market (once it had settled down to the level that you didn't flow between the tables on other people's sweat...) for a fiver.

All in all a good day, although work was a killer afterwards, but the trip was worth it.

Not a bad week considered, one item ticked off the Resolution list, and another 50% complete.