#workbenchwednesday 15/02/17 and 22/02/17

posted 24 Feb 2017, 03:20 by John Martin   [ updated 24 Feb 2017, 03:22 ]
Ok, bit of a delayed double update now, because... reasons...

Nothing has really changed on the workbench because I went all in over a week and painted  a 2nd WoldWrath.  And Megalith.  And Baldur2.  And 3 Stone Shapers...   Yeah, over 100pts of models in about a week, including kids being over 4 nights and 3 nightshifts...

Probably a feat that will never be repeated because that is most of the stone stuff done.

So, having a 2nd list all painted, I was all set for SmogCon, and what an epic weekend that was.  So much stuff to process, but the highlights include - hanging out with Will Hungerford, Dallas Kemp and Matt Goetz from Privateer Press, playing loads of games against new opponents and my local guys that I never get to play because I am running events, playing stuff other than straight-up Steamroller, like 6 player drunken Thunderdome until 7am, then going for breakfast and a sleep, seeing the new Grymkin faction release video (and the models in the flesh) want all the things.  I had a huge amount of comments about my army, don't think I managed a single game without someone passing by stopping to ask if they could take pictures, and the guys from Beasts of War caught it on camera, and even asked me a few questions.  Also managed to take the PPS guys for a cheeky Nandos before they left.

That weekend crosses off two Hobby Resolutions though, so that is things continuing to move forwards.  And provided some sweet ConSwag.

Car crapped out on me on the way back though, so that was a costly bill on top of the weekend, and was straight back at work to boot.  Spent some time getting my Wold Stalkers assembled, as well as a couple of Wold Wyrds and a Wold Guardian.  All primed now, so hopefully won't take too long to get painted up.  Also had to rearrange the cabinets as one shelf for Circle wasn't cutting it with 2 huge bases added in.

I've been asked to do a painting guide for the Warmachine & Hordes for Beginners Blog, as well as a guide to painting Frostgrave models, so I have a lot to be getting on with.