#workbenchwednesday 15/03/17 and 22/03/17

posted 22 Mar 2017, 10:05 by John Martin   [ updated 22 Mar 2017, 10:05 ]
So, been a bit quiet recently as not long after dropping my last update I had an email from Matt Wilson of Privateer Press that explained that the Press Gang program was being shut down as of April 30th, which has kind of hit my hobby mojo a bit.

Now, the Press Gang has been quite a big part of my life over the majority of the last year, May 13th would have been the date of my first year in the gang, and, like most things, has pretty much become routine for me to run a 4 weekly SteamRoller event.  April Fuel Daze is still going ahead, and is looking to shape up into a pretty epic event if I do say so myself.

Part of the reason I joined the Gang was to force myself to be more sociable and force me to get out of the house and interact with people, and that meant shuffling my work schedule from time to time, which is not something I can be sure of now with the lack of "official" status, as well as potential contractual changes being rolled out.  It's weird, as being in Scotland, with only 2 active PG's, we are kind of far removed from a lot of things, but there is still a very real sense of loss and being cast adrift.  Not sure how things will pan out over the coming months, and whether or not it will have an impact on any of my hobby resolutions, doesn't look like I *need* those Skorne and Trollblood Battleboxes painted up now.

So, had been working on Circle stuff and desk looked like this -

Cleared it up a bit and was getting back on track with some Saga stuff for the club campaign.  After having primed and inked all the Frostgrave/AFOKF figures I went over all of them and the remaining Saga stuff and got all the drybrushing and stuff done, then tidied up the rims.

So that is a very quick and badly lit shot of the Demon box for AFOKF, as well as a ghost and mummy for Frostgrave from Northstar, along with Not Mad Max and a Reaper Familiar.

Followed with another crappy shot of the Apothecary, Cultist Marksman, Templar and Knight, a Medium/Large Construct, treasure chest, not an Assasain from On the 7 Seas, and another Reaper Familiar (Werewolf clutching a pumpkin)

Only painting I have done recently beyond rims is getting started on the horses for my 2pts of Mounted Hearthguard for Saga.

Just finished up work this morning for a week or so's holiday, so the plan is to get a fair bit of painting and gaming done, as well as the final prep for AFD.