#workbenchwednesday 18/01/17

posted 18 Jan 2017, 05:11 by John Martin   [ updated 18 Jan 2017, 05:44 ]
Guess I've been a busy boy.  It all kicked off about 1.30am Saturday, after waking up on 3 hours sleep after being on the go for like, 28 or something...

Spent the wee small hours building wee small men, and made pretty good progress with the Konflict '47 force, my Frostgrave pile, and the remaining Saga models.

Currently, I have a tray sitting with a lot of models still to have bases textured before priming, and the horses need some gap filling.

So, 8 Mounted Hearthguard and a unit of 8 Warriors for Saga, a Tanks Puma for Konflict, and a motley crew of Frostgrave models.  I plan on doing a seperate post on the Frostgrave choices to discuss the reasoning behind them.

My assembly station is cleared slightly to allow me to get started with the basing work, and currently looks like this -

Couple of the Guildball Butchers still to be pinned, and some Frostgrave dudes for cleaning.  Plus a couple of Circle models for Hordes.

The Paintstation is still looking tidy, I've cleared off the finished SAGA models, and have both Kaya2 and Laris blocked in and inked awaiting layering and highlights, and the Ghetorix resculpt is also coming along nicely.  Haven't touched the crossbowmen (still on the fence about finishing them in the blue and white livery if they are to be replaced) or the Beastmen.

In other news, I managed to get the majority of the German Infantry primed before running out of Grey primer, along with my Druid Wilder (not the Convention exclusive one in the workstation shot) and Truffles for Guildball.  Not happy with just doing actual physical Hobby work, I signed up to an Age of Sigmar tournament this weekend at Common Ground Games, after my shifts got rearranged leaving me free Saturday, and I've been playing about with the site a little, adding images for the Warmachine models I have currently painted (Khador, Retribution and Cryx).  Hopefully I can cross a few new opponents from my goal of 6 at the weekend, and I've also wangled an early start and finish to make the club's annual pilgrimage to York for Vapnartak, which should prove... hopefully cheaper than previous years.  At least it counts towards a show or convention for my list right?