#workbenchwednesday 25/01/17

posted 25 Jan 2017, 15:13 by John Martin   [ updated 25 Jan 2017, 15:18 ]
Still going strong on the updates front, a definite change from every year previous...

It's been a busy and productive week all told.  I've played 3 games of Age of Sigmar, 1 game of Zombicide: Black Plague and 1 game of Hordes, as well as finishing off 4 models.

But before all of that, the workbench update

Kaya2 and Laris are finished so have moved to the cabinet, and the Ghetorix resculpt has taken centre stage, along with the Druid Wilder to finish my 75pt list.  I've also moved the new Games n Gears brushes to be closer to hand.  The Microworld Beastmen and Frostgrave Soldiers haven't been touched.  Pallet is getting messy and my paint water is a bit grotty so could probably do with a change before it starts tasting too funky.

So, yeah, painted stuff.   I finished off Kaya2 and Laris, as the challenge for the Warmachine and Hordes for Beginners facebook page painting challenge for the month was a Warcaster/Warlock.  Although they had been started, I figured it was alright seeing as it was 2 models. 

Alongside this pair, I also painted Truffles the Pig, the Season 2 Butcher's Guild Mascot, with the intent of putting my new brushes to the test.  Figured it would be a quick and easy project as it only used a handful of colours, and, with the immenent release of Veteran Ox next month, keep me level with my hobby resolutions.

The fourth model I finished was Ghetorix, although he still needs varnished and based, so I don't have a picture of him yet.  Maybe tomorrow or Friday time permitting.

On the gaming front, my Age of Sigmar experience was covered in my tournament report.  Duffy came over Monday evening with the Hunters team, and we managed to get a game of Zombicide: Black Plague in.  It was a frantic affair, although our party of 6 was successful in recovering the 4 objectives and clearing the Spawn points.  Tuesday saw me Pit Sarah's Skorne against her Menoth, as she wanted to play her freshly painted Feora2, so I obliged by dropping Mordikaar, just to let her see what I had had to deal with for most of our MKii games.  Ultimately I was victorious, as she clocked herself, but I had very little left on the table, save Mordikaar, some Beasthandlers, an Ancestral Guardian, and the remains of a Nihilator unit.